A place no other

Has ever been

That side of me

Never before revealed


Guarded carefully

Locked far away

Never to be seen

Until you


You melted the walls

You broke through

With a gentle hand

A loving heart

And patience


No longer afraid

No longer vulnerable

Because you broke through


Copyright ©2014 Gina Schuster


Trailing across my skin

Your touch ignites

The burning love

Deep inside me


I close my eyes

Drinking it all in

Fantasy meets reality

All I could ever

Want or need

Is you


Your touch is electrifying

Sending sparks

Through my soul


Copyright ©2014 Gina Schuster



Cuts run so deep

Each twist adds to the pain

Wrenching, twisting pain

Where love resides

Wounds drip

Puddles form




The power

To hurt, to cut

Where love flows

These are the deepest wounds


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


Pounding, crashing

Pummeling pain

Tears my body

To shreds


There is no escape

From this constant pain

It gives me

No reprieve


My body fights

Trying to repair itself

But nothing can fix

The degeneration


There is no escape

From this constant pain

It gives me

No reprieve


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


Transfixed in a gaze

One which holds us

Passion builds

Emotion floods


A knowing

Shared together

A million words

Silently shared

In just one glance


Building, rising

Spilling, bursting

Passion floods

In an instant

I’m in your arms

Where I belong


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


These are the wedding vows my husband and I exchanged in 2005. We chose to include my daughter in our vows because she is and always will be the most amazing gift we’ve ever been given.  I love my husband more today than the day I stood before him and pledged my love to him.


You’ve changed my life

In ways I’ve never dreamed possible

With you I have found true happiness

Like I’ve never known before

I came to life the day I met you

I promise to be yours forever

My true love, my best friend

Now becomes my husband

And with our little girl,

We have a family, a home

No matter where life takes us

Forever is ours to share


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster




Drink in the energy of the rain

Draw it into your soul

Let it flow through you

Close your eyes

Feel the energy

As it washes away your sorrows

And fills you with power


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


A fist is drawn

A face clenches in anger

And I cower in fear


Blow by blow

My body is bruised and beaten

The lights dim

My hope dies


Flowers are given

Promises are made

I smile with hope

That it all will change


Until the moment

When a fist again is drawn

And my body lays

Broken and battered……Until


Until the day that I stood up

And said “THAT’S ENOUGH!”

I took control

I escaped

I started anew


I found hope

I found life

I found another

One who is gentle and kind

My life has changed in many ways

Where fists used to fly

Kisses now land

Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


I won’t walk

The path of insanity with you


I won’t talk

In circles with you


I won’t sit

In this craziness you’ve created


I won’t give

My pain, my spirit or my soul to you


I won’t allow

You to minimize my pain


I won’t support

The crazy story you’ve woven


I won’t be

Your victim anymore


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


In a tense moment

When anger or frustration

Crash through my door

I yearn for sanctity

For peace and tranquility


I close my eyes

Turning inward

I quietly listen

To that calm within


In this space

I find myself again

And when I open my eyes

I find that I am at peace once more


Copyright ©2013 Gina Schuster


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